Chhavi Goel/Meerut  : Who doesn’t want to grow and make themselves more than what they look now. But now a days where all surroundings are polluted, damaged and unrefined, it leads to many skin problems that includes wrinkles, blue lines, dull skin, less of collagen etc.
1. 8 hours sleep is a must.
2. Must start your day with 2 glasses of plain water.
3. Drink a glass of water before each meal.
4. Use aloevera juice with lemon and coriander.
5. Have mint in your diet.
6. Add drumsticks, celery to your diet.
7. Have raw tomatoes regularly.
8. Have soups thrice a week.
9. Add milk or plain yoghurt in your breakfast.
10. Have egg whites, cottage cheese (paneer) regularly., sprouts in your breakfast regularly.
11. Eat raw as much as possible.
12. More water, fruits and salad and less on carbs….
13. Add any of them jaljeera, lemon water, coconut water, Salted buttermilk on a daily basis.
14. Take 5 Almonds or 3 Walnuts ( soaked overnight, but almonds are supposed to be peeled), Take every morning empty stomach.
15. Add a source of vitamin A, C & E in your diet.
16. Do Not skip meals.
17. Do not skip breakfast & Dinner to get skinny. Rather eat Breakfast as KING size and Dinner as BEGGAR size.
18. Eat after every 3 hours.
19. Sprouts, Roasted Snacks and lotus stem seeds helps in aiding from dead skin.
20. Avoid carbonated and aerated drinks.
21. Avoid crash diets, liquid diet and paleo diet.
22. Take detoxifying diet once a month for about 4 days a month.
23. Keep a record of what you eat on a regular basis by maintaining the record book of diet.
24. Do regular aerobics, stretching, exercise, running or jogging. Only spot exercise won’t help you much.
25. Push-ups and jumping jacks or skipping thrice a week must help you.
26. Quit alcohol and smoking.
27. Instead of driving one must walk.
28. Instead of elevators, lifts..try on stairs. These are beneficial.
29. Try avoiding losing weight rapidly.
30. Consult Dietitian for better weight management


By : Chhavi Goel


Chhavi Goel is Famous & rich experienced Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian/Diabetes Educator.

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