15 Lifestyle & Dietary Changes that Help in Get Rid of Fat


Chhavi Goel/Meerut : 15 Lifestyle & dietary changes that help in get rid of fat deposition at chin, belly, butts

Deposition of fat at your belly, chin, butts add negativity to your personality so here are few tips to dissolve it.
1. Avoid using direct and simple sugars. Try to include complex Carbs in your diet so the digestion process will take some time to work to convert it into glucose.
2. Avoid junk foods such as pizza, burger, French fries and alike food stuffs.
3. Avoid processed foods.
4. Avoid Sodas.
5. Restrict down the intake of artificial sweeteners. Instead you can crab on natural sugars, such as Stevia.
6. Include protein of good biological value.
7. Add insoluble and soluble fiber in your diet.
8. Have plenty of cold water.
9. Have 2 portions of fruits and salads daily.
10. Inclusion of omega family fatty acids and especially omega 3 and omega 6
11. One must rotate the oil used for cooking purposes and should not stick to one oil product. One must not change the brand but the source of the oil like palm oil, almond oil, coconut oil, soy oil, sesame oil, corn oil, groundnut oil, olive oil etc.
12. Citrus fruits must also be taken in proportions.
13. Add almonds to your diet.
14. Have coconut water once a day.
15. Eat at regular intervals.


By :Chhavi Goel


Chhavi Goel is Famous & rich experienced Clinical Nutritionist/Dietitian/Diabetes Educator.

For more www.chhavigoel.in

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